I am Azka, an Enthusiast Writer

I am Azka, an Electrical Engineer and working as a Content Creator on fiverr.com for last 6 years.

Hmm Engineering and gardening, weird combination, you must be thinking. Well during the last few years, I have created multiple blogs and articles for smart gardening system for my clients around the world. I always wanted to start a blog and share my knowledge but I was not sure how and what can I exactly share and give value to my readers. I always love to do gardening when I was child, but I could not continue it due to my studies as I was always focused on my studies.

After doing a lot of thinking, I find gardening interesting area where I can really share my knowledge and help you guys improve their system. I can help you to improve your garden using latest technology.

I know I am not expert in plants, but trust me my every content will be through research based, and full of great ideas. I would also like you guys to share your valuable knowledge with me, and I can add it in my next post by giving your reference. I think together we can make a great small community.

Thank you for reading and welcome to my website. I hope you’ll get useful information.

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